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Cape Town offers a unique sightseeing 
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Cape Town is one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities on the African continent. In fact our affectionally named Mother City has become one of the most popular travel destinations on the African continent.

You'll certainly benefit from your holiday stay in this scenic part of South Africa if you appreciate more about what to expect from your Cape Town Sightseeing activities.

On this website you'll find useful information about our friendly city and Cape Town's well known natural features such as Table Mountain, our many sandy beaches and the Cape  Winelands

You can also make your Big 5 safari reservation through these pages as well as book your Cape Town or Garden Route Tour.

Of course our bright red topless city sightseeing buses are always popular and can often be seen transporting enthusiastic visitors between Cape Town's many attractions.

Other popular Cape Town tourist venues include the V&A Waterfront with its world class aquarium and shopping centre and our many up-market restaurants and city night clubs.

Robben Island which was for many years the prison home of the late Nelson Mandela during the Apartheid years  should definitely be on your Cape Town sightseeing list.

A little History

As you'll discover, life in Cape Town is diverse. The city and surrounding areas are populated by people from multiple backgrounds. This has been determined by many factors.

Our history has played a major role, bringing about the colonial influence of settlers from Holland and England. They in turn shipped in residents of countries such as Malaysia and India and used them as slaves to help build the original city of Cape Town. 

The original indigenous residents of the Cape region were the Khoi-san who intermingled with the slaves. Their descendants and Islamic culture now form a significant part of the Cape Town population. Many live in the Cape Malay Quarter  adjacent to the city.

Many people from rural areas in South Africa as well as neighbouring countries are migrating to the Cape Town area in the hope of improving their livesThe majority are poor and without any means of support. Inevitably they end up in a shack settlement, many without basic services, such as adequate sanitation and electricity.

In sharp contrast to this are the up-market suburbs closer to the city, our scenic areas and well known beach regions populated by the more privileged among our Cape Town society.

Make the most of your stay in Cape Town. In these pages you'll find plenty to see and do!

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