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Flights to Cape Town
Booking ahead: The airlines prefer to know in advance about who is going to fill a particular flight. The further ahead you book your ticket, the better it is for them.

So, booking your flights to Cape Town well in advance is one way for you to get cheaper flight tickets, especially if you want to travel at a busy time. That way, if prices increase after you've booked, you're not affected.

Promotions: If you're ready to fly at relatively short notice, then scan the newspapers and travel shops for promotions offering reduced rates.

Standby: Another more drastic option is putting yourself on standby at the nearest international airport - which means that if a seat becomes available as the result of a cancellations on flights to Cape Town South Africa - you get an airline ticket at minimum cost. Another way to get a better deal on a flight ticket.

The disadvantage of this arrangement is of course that you have to be ready to leave at short notice, so make sure that all your relevant documentation is in order. My Travel Preparation page will assist you with that.. Click here

Auctions: Bidding on cheap flight tickets at online auctions, eg. eBay is becoming popular. You might just pick up a bargain on flights to Cape Town. If you decide to go that route, use the eBay guidelines to make sure that your ticket seller is trustworthy.

Always make sure you know which airline you're going to be booked on in case you need to make changes before you leave. Once you've booked and paid for a specific flight ticket, expect to pay extra if you want to move to another flight.

Are you are holding Credit/debit cards? If you have the facility to accumulate 'voyager' or 'frequent flyer' miles, it could be put towards the cost of flights to Cape Town. This is not a 'last minute' option. Generally you're encouraged to use it only if you're booking a while ahead of departure. It's another convenient method of obtaining a cheaper flight.

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