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Our unique coastal position between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans means that we enjoy a generally mild Mediterranean type climate. This makes a trip to the Western Cape worth your while at any time or season during the year.

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Our Cape Town climate is largely influenced by the surrounding natural terrain of mountain ranges, the Cape Peninsula and the coastal plains.

Strong south easterly winds blow during the summer months bringing in cool air from the sea. Cloud is then formed by condensation over the mountains as the moisture laden air meets hot dry air trapped in the valley where Cape Town is situated. This cooling effect is noticeable when different temperatures are experienced on opposite sides of the Peninsula and when the famous table cloth of cloud is seen rolling over Table Mountain.

Cape Town Weather Forecast, South Africa

Cape Town weather in winter is influenced by the movement of cold fronts and polar depressions to the south which generate stormy gusty conditions and gale force northerly winds. Heavy soaking rain is often a characteristic of these conditions.

In the past our winter season was a lot colder and wetter, but the effect of the ongoing climatic change cycle on the weather in recent years has meant that winters have become milder, and Cape Town often experiences sunny and pleasant winter days.

Such conditions are ideal for travellers who choose to visit the Cape during the generally less crowded 'off' season in Spring and from April when transport and accommodation is cheaper, and general expenses less.

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The winter months June - August provide Cape Town weather conditions ranging from dry and warm to wet and cold. Temperatures generally range from 2 – 20°c and Capetonians experience short days with late sunrises and early sunsets.

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