Table Mountain Cape Town
Getting there

Table Mountain Cape Town Getting there and what you'll find.
Take a
taxi or car from Cape Town station,  Or if driving yourself, follow Kloof Nek road up towards the cable car station and look out for direction signs.

Parking is available along Tafelberg road which runs past the cable station. Self employed parking marshalls wearing printed bibs watch the cars while you ascend the mountain - in return for a few coins.

You're advised to arrive early to obtain parking nearby at busy times, otherwise expect to walk some distance to the cable station along the road.

People with disabilities are provided with dedicated parking bays at the lower cable station. The cablecars, facilities and pathways on the summit are wheel chair friendly.

At peak times during the summer months long queues snake back from the lower cable station, so arrive early to buy your tickets to avoid a long wait.

In fact now you can get your Table Mountain cableway tickets online and avoid the queue. They are a little more expensive online but the extra cost is certainly worth the convenience.  Cableway e-tickets

The Table Mountain Cape Town cableway runs continuously 'till late into the evening in peak season November-February unless strong winds or poor visibility prohibit its use. When it is time for the last cable car to descend the mountain, a loud hooter sounds in advance to warn stragglers on the summit.

Remember that the temperature is generally cooler on the summit, and prone to change depending on the season, so bring a coat or windbreaker along.

When you reach the summit don't wander too far from the cable station unless you have a good knowledge of the area, or unless you are accompanied by an experienced hiker. Keep to the paths and follow the signs. There are sheer dangerous cliffs nearby.

The facilities on the summit of Table Mountain in the vicinity of the upper cable station have been upgraded to make them more tourist friendly - unfortunately to the extent where concrete modifications are clearly visible from below. 

Boardwalks lead to lookout points and telescopes, paths have been laid and signposting indicates points of interest. There is a self service restaurant and a cocktail bar, and you can buy souvenirs.

For Hikers:
Signposting on the various paths are minimal so if you don't know the mountain it is advisable to hike with someone who does. Alternatively, walking maps are available in stationary stores and at the lower cable station. There are many routes on Table Mountain Cape Town which vary in levels of difficulty and exposure. If you're not sure of your route or do not know the mountain, then rather not attempt the hike.

The most obvious and direct route up to the Table ascends via Platteklip Gorge on the north face of the mountain. This route is accessible via Tafelberg road from the lower cable station and signposted. Walking time up is 1-3 hours depending on your pace and level of fitness. 

Which ever route you decide to take, make sure you are prepared and know where you are going. A hike up Table Mountain especially in hot weather should not be taken lightly. Give yourself plenty of time. Leave early and don't walk alone. Carry a cell phone if possible, a route map warm clothing, sufficient water and food, use sunblock and wear a hat. All members of your party should be equally fit to avoid stragglers.

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Organized hiking trails
The Table Mountain 3 day Hoerikwaggo Trail is one of several trails offered by SANParks and has become popular for those who would like to experience a combination of natural Cape emvironment and culture while spending the nights in comfortable but historic accommodation.

Mountain Rescue
Tourists and hikers often have to be rescued in the Cape mountains for various reasons, ranging from losing their way, to injury or illness. Occasionally some have also died. This has brought about the need for a rescue organisation with search and recovery resources which extend across the Western Cape.

A joint initiative by local government and Cape Metro Services has brought various outdoor clubs and groups together under one umbrella known as Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR) Members of WSAR work together to form an efficient and essential mountain rescue organisation. WSAR

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