Cape Town's Clifton beaches
will seduce you

Clifton beaches

Relax and play - on Clifton's beaches

The lively Clifton beaches are probably among the most popular of all the Cape beaches.

There are four separate beaches at Clifton, divided by huge boulders and sheltered from the southerly winds by the Twelve Apostles mountain range.

These exclusive patches of sand and bronzed bodies are considered among the most fashionable in CapeTown. In the summer season they are frequented by an upmarket crowd of sun worshippers, many stretched out in the sun or participating in various beach sports.

Clifton's 1st, 2nd and 3rd beaches are small, and hidden away from the road by massive apartment blocks.

Access to the first three Clifton beaches is via steps winding down from the coast road above. Parking is limited to the roadside and to a small parking lot on the coast road.

These beaches are a favourite venue for organised functions, film shoots and beach parties and often become noisy and lively after hours.

Clifton's Fourth is the largest most popular beach here and the best choice for visitors as it offers ample parking and refreshments facilities.

Lifeguards and security are provided in the summer season on all the Clifton beaches.

The deep blue Atlantic sea is inviting but too cold for all but the most enthusiastic swimmer. That doesn't concern Clifton beach goers however. Lounging about on the white sands, playing beach games and eyeing the jet skis and yachts moored offshore is usually the order of a hot summer's day, and considered a popular pastime.

Clifton features some of the most exclusive real estate in South Africa. The buildings range from beach cottages to luxury apartments and custom designed mansions, some of which are built into the mountainside, overlooking this popular part of the Cape coastline and blending in with the natural scenery.

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