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Groot Constantia Manor House

Cape Town Tourism
Things you should do.. Head for the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain They're among the most popular Cape Town tour attractions. You'll also find many entertainment venues and places of historical interest situated in our friendly city.

You can get your own taste of Cape Town's lively culture by taking a walking tour through the city, or catch the popular topless City Sightseeing Bus for a 2 hour round trip and a learning experience with a difference.

The Cape Town Waterfront has become one of the most popular Cape Town tourism attractions, Why? Because it is old and new - and all in one. The appeal of a genuine working harbour is combined with an upmarket shopping/entertainment complex, a world class Aquarium and lots of other attractions.

Refer to my page Cape Town Tour Charges to get information about various guided tours and costs.

How about some whale watching? At Hermanus we've got some of the best viewing points in the World: Hermanus Cape Town

The Robben Island The tour leaves from the new Gateway ferry terminal on the Waterfront.

Other places well worth visiting at the Waterfront are the S.A. Maritime Museum and the Telkom Exploratorium.

Don't forget to visit The oldest building in South Africa, the 17th century Castle of Good Hope opposite the station, which was built on the original shoreline. It once served as the military command centre for the old Cape Colony. Not only do you get to see the old dungeons - there are also excellent historical displays and regular military ceremonies. You can even sample some excellent Cape wines and traditional Malay food.

Another of the don't miss places to see in Cape Town is the original Company Gardens. These were established in 1652 by the VOC (Dutch East India Company) to supply passing ships with fruit and vegetables, and used to be maintained by slaves.
The Gardens now contain a well tended variety of imported trees and plants and serve as a place of tranquil relaxation for Capetonians.

Stroll down the ancient Government Avenue which runs through the Gardens and you'll have easy access to The South African Museum and the National Gallery.

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