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V&A Waterfront Cape Town

Looking for some great Cape Town Tour Attractions?

The City and Waterfront are popular tour attractions. There are many entertainment venues and places of historical interest situated here.

Get your own taste of Cape Town's lively culture by taking a walking tour through the city, or catch the popular Cape Town Explorer topless bus, - book at the central Tourist Bureau - for a 2 hour round trip and a learning experience with a difference.

The Waterfront has become one of the most popular tour attractions in South Africa, Why? Because it is old and new - and all in one. You get the appeal of a genuine working harbour combined with an upmarket shopping/entertainment complex, a world class Aquarium and lots of wine bars and restaurants. The Waterfront

The Robben Island Tour leaves from the Gateway ferry terminal which also houses exhibitions on Robben Island's history and its role in the Apartheid struggle. More about Robben Island

Other places well worth visiting at the Waterfront are the S.A. Maritime Museum and the Telkom Exploratorium.

One of the essential Cape Town tour attractions you should see is the oldest building in South Africa, the 17th century Castle of Good Hope which once served as the military command centre for the old Cape Colony. Not only do you get to see the old dungeons - there are also excellent historical displays and regular military ceremonies. You can even sample some excellent Cape wines and traditional Malay food.

Another of the don't miss Cape Town tour attractions is the Company Gardens. These were originally established in 1652 by the VOC (Dutch East India Company) to supply passing ships with fruit and vegetables and used to be maintained by slaves. The Gardens now contain a well tended variety of imported trees and plants and serve as a place of tranquil relaxation for Capetonians. Stroll down the ancient Government Avenue which runs through the Gardens and you'll have easy access to The South African Museum and the National Gallery.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is the largest of its kind in South Africa and offers a fascinating history, a scenic location on the slopes of Table Mountain, and many interesting displays of varieties of indigenous plants. Here is a page devoted to Kirstenbosch Gardens

Table Mountain flanked by Devil's Peak and Lion's Head and often covered in a tablecloth of swirling cloud, is a breathtaking sight to Cape Town visitors and one of the top natural tour attractions in the country. The highest point Maclears Beacon is at 1086m.

You could of course make your own way up Table Mountain, but be warned, which ever route you take - it is a strenuous hike. You need to be fit enough. Bring protective clothing, food and water and stay on the main path. Don't take chances. The weather at the summit can be unpredictable. Take companions and let friends or family know which route you are taking.

Those who would rather do it the easy way, can make use of the popular Aerial Cableway. On top you'll find telescopes, pathways, a restaurant and an amazing view! Be warned however: Weather conditions on the table can be a lot cooler and more windy than down below, so dress warmly and bring a windbreaker. Table Mountain

Other Cape Town tour attractions of interest in the city include St.Georges Cathedral which served as a haven of resistance against the oppressive apartheid regime, the Jewish Museum which traces the story of South African Jews, and the adjacent holocaust centre.

Are you a night bird? After hours the modern Cape Town develops a different character. It becomes a lively entertainment centre. In fact the Cape Town nightlife and musical culture has become a reflection of many different influences. Check out the clubs online at Clubbers Guide

Take your choice - Upmarket winebars, cosy pubs and smokey jazz clubs to cabaret and theatre. You'll find something here to suit all tastes.
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