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Here is a good online Cape Town street map

Cape Town road maps
If you're going to be spending time in Cape Town, then you'll need to know which road map will suit your purposes. In fact, like any city, many roads in and around Cape Town are confusing and difficult to find without a good map. I know because I live here!

Our city is constantly expanding. New business and residential complexes are springing up all around Cape Town and surrounding regions. Roads are created and named as new areas are developed, so a good updated Cape Town road map would come in very useful.

It's also likely that you will need your route map to negotiate existing roads and plan your tour of some of the Cape's most popular attractions such as Table Mountain, Hout Bay, or the Cape Peninsula National Park.

The Google map below can be moved with your mouse and zoomed in or out as required.

View a larger Cape Town Map

Of course you could buy a map locally when you arrive. Sometimes however the right Cape Town map is difficult to find unless you know exactly what you're looking for and where you can get it. Why not order your street map of Cape Town online and work out your routes in advance?

Below is a link to a good selection of road maps I've found for Cape Town. The fold up type is awkward but adequate, and there are more comprehensive book maps available. They're all excellent quality. They also contain lots of useful local information. Click the 'search' key to access the maps.

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