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I decided to build a travel website about Cape Town South Africa. It's my home town, a great place to be, and it also happens to be my favourite destination.

Why am I telling you this? Because I realised that having lived in Cape Town since 1988 I would not want to live anywhere else. I also knew that I wanted to tell the rest of the world to come over and visit my unique coastal town on the southern tip of the African continent.

Take a videotour of the system I'm using to build and develop my website into a successful internet business.

View and download this complete guide - part 1 and 2 in .pdf format Here

To get the most from the information in this guide, print it. Then take the time to read it through..

Build a travel website ..

I decided that it was time to set up a website to promote Cape Town from my own perspective, providing the type of useful information that travellers and tourists would be searching for. I also had to find the most cost effective way to go about it. This is what I have done - and now my travel information site which is still expanding, is in the top 2% of Alexa rated sites and providing me with a growing income.

So how did I go about doing that?

Lots of preparation for a start, dedication, and perserverance. Fortunately I make use of an excellent set of tools which helps me set up my website, and handles all the technical aspects of site design, promotion and search engine submission.

In fact I just need to concentrate on my subject matter which is easier for me because I am fascinated with Cape Town and I have the motivation to put it all across in my website.

My site's an ongoing project. It's been up for eight years now, and hardly a day goes by when I'm not adding content, improving existing pages and researching my next subject. I enjoy what I'm doing which makes it that much easier.

How do you start?

I found out that if you set up a website based on travel, or in fact any subject about which you are knowledgeable or passionate, and provide the sort of information people search for, then turning it into a profitable internet business, at minimal cost is not difficult!

Forget about get-rich-quick schemes. There's plenty out there, but who do you know has benefitted from them? If you want to be successful you need to do the work and go about it the right way.

There's nothing like building your own website, watching its pages rank high in the search engines and eventually earning an income for supplying useful information people want. It's not difficult if you have the determination and the right tools. You start with an idea. Follow that up with lots of research, dedication and perserverance like me, and you'll soon be on the road to personal and financial success.

Build a travel website ..

Choose a town, city or destination. Preferably one you know well or at least have some knowledge about. It could be your favourite destination or home town and could well be attracting many tourists or travellers but this is not essential. You need to find ways to promote your chosen venue in the form of a website consisting of useful, keyword optimised pages of information that your readers will find useful.

Once you have a number of information filled search engine friendly pages on your site, you'll be ready to start attracting traffic and eventually monetising it. How? Read on ..

As I said, The important point to remember is not to expect a get-rich-quick website solution. The patience and dedication you put in when you build a travel website now will pay off but it takes time and you need to work on it.

Start with a plan or blueprint of what you intend to do with your site. eg. will it centre on tourist information, attractions, holiday accommodation or tours? What will be the most sought after aspects of your site? These factors will determine its popularity and performance against the competition.

Build a travel website ..

Research your information and keywords
Keyword Research is one of the most important aspects of your site preparation. If this is done properly you'll find a search engine friendly domain name and base your site pages on keywords which your readers will be searching for.

What aspect of your favourite destination attracts the most interest? What information are potential travellers searching for when they search the Web? You need to do some research. It's time consuming but will pay off in the long run. Here's a free advanced search tool which I use, You'll find ideal for researching the information you need. I find it essential and use it regularly. SearchIt!

I began my keyword research with a simple Google query on 'Cape Town' which is a broad keyword, and expanded from there. You need to determine which related keywords are used by information seekers and which keywords would have the least competition on the main search engines such as Google and Yahoo!

Build a travel website ..

You could start with the Good Keywords tool which will provide you with a list of the most searched for keywords based on the one you enter, but will not compare their search engine popularity or competition. I also suggest the Google Adwords tool which will not only provide a list of keywords plus their popularity and marketing value, but also let you know what they're worth. Google Adwords

A really effective method of determining how competitive your keywords are is to make use of Wordtracker which will give you a free trial, after which you subscribe for a minimum time period of 12 hours. You eventually drill down to a list of competitive keywords and design your webpages around them. Wordtracker however will not show you how to optimise your pages

The system I use includes a Brainstorming module which is all you'll ever need for your keyword research and selection. It's just one of the many integrated modules in this excellent set of tools which I find indispensible in my travel site research and preparation, and which will help you through - right from the start whether you're building a travel site or any website based on your knowledge or passion of a particular subject. The beauty of it is - it's affordable, and you don't need to know anything technical about designing or building a website.

Build a travel website ..

View and download this complete guide - part 1 and 2 in .pdf format Here

Designing, building and getting traffic to your travel site pages ..
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