Our Athletes and our Shacks

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Aug 17. 2004 #issue 07



Olympic Aspirations - Are we ready?

Floods and Shacks

Hi <> from Cape Town and welcome to the latest edition of the Cape Town eBulletin.

Welcome to another issue of my Cape Town eBulletin!

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Olympic Aspirations - Are we ready? Cape Town is celebrating along with the rest of South Africa after two recent successes on the Sports front.. Our gold medal performance in the Olympic men's 100m swim relay together with a world record, and the recent Springbok rugby victory over the New Zealand All Blacks in a Tri-nations match in Johannesburg.

Now we're all holding our breaths as the crucial clash against the Wallabies approaches.

South African athletes have got some way to go when it comes to meeting Olympic qualifying standards in a number of events. We don't (yet) have specialised training facilities or quality of opponents.

A good number of our top track and field athletes reside and train overseas where they can find the best level of competition. This is why a medal performance in the Olympics is often limited to those fortunate enough to have had plenty of international training and experience.

Not that there's a shortage of talent in South Africa - it just has to be discovered, recognised and nurtured.

Unfortunately other pressing issues take precedence in this multicultural nation of ours. Issues on the ground such as health, education and security.

Sponsors' money is being poured mainly into the promotion of rugby and cricket, which is big business and an historical phenomenon, followed by golf and tennis, while our track and field is further down the list.

If we're going to become a force to be reckoned with at the Olympic Games we need to shift focus.

Not only do we need the right sponsorships and talent scouts together with top class track and field training facilitities, we need the emphasis and will to take traditional sport like rugby and cricket off the pedestals they enjoy in the media and give track and field more exposure.

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Floods and Shacks

Now into mid August in the Cape and the rains have arrived with a vengeance. We certainly need the rain to ease our drought and fill the dams on Table Mountain and in the catchment areas.

You will always find those that whinge about not getting enough rain and then complain when it finally arrives. The farmers will be happy though.

The Cape Town local government never appear to be prepared for our winter rain. They are always one step behind. Disaster Relief on the other hand is topnotch.

You will invariably experience blocked drains and flooded roads after the first major winter downpour - and that is exactly what happened again - causing traffic chaos and misery for many.

This year a number of the ever expanding shack settlements situated in low lying areas on the outskirts of Cape Town, were flooded, and residents had to be rescued and evacuated to community centres.

Some 22,000 people were affected and had to receive emergency aid from Cape Town Disaster Relief, and the public, in the form of shelter, food and blankets. This was a huge effort, but thanks to several relief agencies nobody went hungry.

But local government has a huge problem on its hands. Each and everyone of those 22,000 people as well as thousands more arriving each month, are entitled to housing, food and education in terms of the constitution.

It appears to be an impossible task. The process is happening far too slowly. First the residents would have to be moved out of their shacks into other yet to be allocated areas. A process reminiscent of District Six. And then if that works - incoming squatters would have to be prevented from settling into the original areas again.

We need to put a comprehensive housing and community development plan into place. This would include subsidised electricity, water and sanitation.

We don't appear to be anywhere near a plan like that.

Who pays for it all anyway? Well those of us fortunate enough to have houses and employment of course.

There's been lots of talk about these proposed changes, but we've yet to see definite action. If the local government can get this one right, it'll be a real feather in their caps.

That's all from me for now <>. Speak to you next month.

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