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May 14, 2004 #issue 04



Death of a Diva

The World Cup for South Africa?

Cape Town events


Hi <> Welcome to another edition of the Cape Town eBulletin.

In Cape Town the weather is mild with cool nights. The occasional rain shower helps to water the gardens, but its not enough to raise the levels in the catchment dams. The real winter rain is yet to arrive. It's a good time of year to visit Cape Town. The real cold and wet weather has held off so far but should be here by June.

The country's 3rd democratic elections are over, and the ANC voted again into power with Thabo Mbeki as president. The inaugeration celebrations in Pretoria were extravagant, feting heads of state from various African countries. Zimbabwe's controversial president Robert Mugabe was applauded by dignitaries and the crowd alike.

In Cape Town the wealthy, the poor and those in between, carry on with their lives as usual. The previous term of government had not been able to address burgeoning unemployment and crime, as well as issues of health - specifically HIV/AIDS, housing for the poor and inadequate education facilities.

The newly sworn in ministers, some familier, others new, and some simply handed different portfolios, have an enormous task on their hands. Our president, in his 2nd term of office, declared in his inaugeration speech, that the country has made great progress over the first ten years of democracy, despite the apparent legacy left by the previous Apartheid regime.

Unfortunately Mbeki was not specific on how the government intended to deal with the many problems facing its citizens. These are issues that concern everybody and should be openly addressed.

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Ed Berry

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Death of a Diva

Many South African musicians and those in the club and recording industry have been shocked by the sudden passing of well known and popular local artist Brenda Fassie at the age of 39 after a short illness. Even those who did not follow her career have shown interest and concern.

Brenda was born and grew up in Langa township close to Cape Town. Her vocal ability took her from a humble family upbringing to the top of the local musical charts. Brenda performed for the people. She loved to entertain her audience. Sometimes she would do several gigs a day in different towns.

When she was due to perform, the crowds in the townships would line the streets to catch a glimpse of her familier red BMW. Brenda Fassie had time for everybody. She loved to party and she loved to have people around her. She was always on the move, performing, greeting and waving to her fans and yet still made time for family and friends.

Brenda Fassie's funeral will be held close to her place of birth on 20 May. It will be attended by thousands. The state president Thabo Mbeki will also be in attendance.

Brenda will be sadly missed.

The World Cup for South Africa?

The country is on tenterhooks as the official FIFA announcement on which country has been chosen to host the 2010 World Cup football extravaganza is eagerly awaited.

South Africa made its final presentation to FIFA in Zurich today at about 16h00 SA time. Among the delegation and speakers at this crucial event were state president Thabo Mbeki and Nobel prize winners Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu.

Hosting the World Cup 6 years hence would bring South Africa much needed publicity and help boost the economy as well as create local employment. It was felt that the presence of a few of our best known and respected individuals would help sway the final decision.

Stiff opposition is expected from Egypt and Morocco whose delegations are also going all out to win the bid, but South Africa is a favourite.

The FIFA decision will be announced at about midday SA time on 15th May.

Cape Town events..

On the Go .. The Cape Gourmet Festival 10 -25 May. A celebration of fine international cuisine and wine - culminating in the 'Table of Unity' Share a three course luncheon with celebrities on the slopes of Table Mountain.

Coming Up. Red Bull BWA Big Wave Africa. 2 - 22 June. Surfing extreme. A 20 day surfing spectacular at the Sentinal Hout Bay. Only takes place when the waves reach 5 metres or more in height.

That's all from me for now <>. Speak to you next month.

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