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The summer tourist season is upon us and we're bracing ourselves for a rush of visitors - both local and international, to Cape Town and the Western Cape.

At last we're enjoying some typical Cape summer heat and Table Mountain is again the main attraction for those who feel that a visit to our shores is incomplete without a cable car ride to the summit. If you intend taking the cable car, you'll find that the price is halved after 7pm during December and January. It is then ZAR 55 for adults and ZAR 29 for children.

If you take the cable car on your birthday and you can present proof, you'll get a free ticket! The rotating 65 passenger cable car has been built to withstand strong winds. How many know that the base of it contains a 4000 litre water tank? This provides both stability and fresh water for visitors.

Many attempt to hike to the summit of Table Mountain, often blissfully disregarding basic safety principles and commonsense, in their enthusiasm. In the heat of the summer and indeed at any time of the year, a hike to the summit, as many have found, to their detriment, should not be taken lightly.

There are many routes up the mountain many of which are ill defined and dangerous. People often attempt to climb the Mountain ill prepared. They'll be unfit, inadequately dressed, without decent hiking shoes, short of water and food and have no idea where they're going. I've seen families with small children attempting precipitous pathways on the Mountain, obviously without knowledge of the safe routes. There's no excuse for that.

Information and maps are available at outdoor shops, tourism outlets and the lower cable station. Fortunately we have a highly efficient mountain rescue service but many callouts could be avoided. The golden rule is - be prepared. Read more on my Table Mountain page: Table Mountain Cape Town

It's been an interesting year in Cape Town with a number of issues taking the spotlight, not least our preparations for World Cup 2010 which are underway in earnest. Construction of the massive football stadium that is planned for Greenpoint is set to begin early in the new year.

Legal wrangling, objections from local residents, plus red tape and mud slinging between different official departments has resulted in ongoing delays, but an apparent ultimatum by FIFA has forced some action at last and barring further challenges our new stadium will start taking shape on a local Greenpoint golf course in Febuary 2007.

The question remains - are the billions which will be sunk into the 68,000 seater hi tech stadium as well as necessary communications and transport infrastructure upgrades, for our share of a prestigious event which will be relatively short lived, going to result in longer term positive economic advantages for the people of Cape Town, especially the disadvantaged? or are we as citizens going to be eventually repaying the bill for a huge under utilised stadium on our coastline and a huge economic blunder? More here: World Cup 2010

The "World Travel Awards" ceremony was held earlier this year in Turks & Caicos and Cape Town has been scooping travel awards aplenty. Significantly our city got "Africa's Leading Destination" award, our airport was chosen as "Africa's leading airport" Cape Town International Airport and our graceful Mount Nelson hotel "Africa's leading hotel" World Travel Awards

Travel & Leisure Magazine readers also voted Cape Town 6th overall in the prestigious "World's Best" awards. Cape Town was also voted 'Best Travel Destination in Africa & Middle East' for the 5th year running - US Travel & Leisure Magazine 2006.

"By any standard, the Cape Town region of South Africa is one of the most beautiful and compelling places to visit on the planet…" — Richard Busch, Travel Editor, National Geographic Traveller Cape Info

One of our major attractions is the Cape Winelands Don't miss exploring this beautiful region when you visit Cape Town, it is the essence of our fascinating Cape history. Visitors to the many estates on the wine routes are provided with a scenic experience second to none and an enthusiastic appreciation of local wine culture inherited from the French Huguenots.

The historic Vergelegen estate near Stellenbosch was voted as South Africa's winner at the "Great Wine Capitals of the World" event recently held in Argentina and is one of 8 winners worldwide. It is well worth a visit.

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