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Feb 8, 2004 #issue 01.



Opening of Parliment
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Cape Town is unique in South Africa because it was at this point on the South Westerly tip of Africa where European settlers first colonised the country.

The early Cape settlement was established in the 17th century by Dutch, French and English settlers. Slaves were brought in from Madagascar and the West Indies to help build the city.

Many influences were left behind. Cape Town has since evolved into a city of many cultures, religions, and economic divides.

The wealthy, the poor and everyone in between. All clustered around the natural symbol of Cape Town - Table Mountain

The Cape Town e-Bulletin will put your finger on the pulse of this vibrant and fascinating city.

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The Opening of Parliment

This annual Cape Town event on 6 Feb attracted the usual fashion parade and media frenzy, as everyone waited in anticipation for President Thabo Mbeki's "State of the Nation" speech.

The event was taking place amid the organisation of a mass march to parliment by doctors and health care workers, to protest against petty legislation, and to highlight crumbling public health care facilities.

This march was to take place later in the day and the timing was seen as a decisive move to draw the attention of the health ministry and media.

A popular local radio station - Cape Talk - set itself up at the entrance to parliment, interviewing various politicians and personalities as they arrived, to find out what they expected from their President.

Despite managing to get some forthright opinions from the likes of Patricia de Lille and Tony Leon, Cape Talk's front man Tim Modise was unable to collar the man himself, Madiba, our own popular and respected Nelson Mandela.

Many felt that our President should take the opportunity to outline the positive stance of the government on certain key issues such as HIV AIDS, unemployment, housing and crime.

As it turned out, the speech was a rambling affair, delivered in the President's usual monotone, concentrating more on celebrating 10 years of democracy and progress made thereupon, than his government's commitment to solving existing problems.

It was unfortunate that Thabo Mbeki's attitude on these issues of concern to the nation, was generally seen as non decisive, and did little to further support in various quarters for his leadership.

The doctors' march took place as planned. It numbered about 1000 white coated participants and was supported by various emminent figures in the medical field.

The first big disappointment occurred when the doctors were barred from marching to parliment and had make their stand on the Grand Parade opposite the city hall.

They were then effectively snubbed by health minister Tshabalala Msimang who despatched an assistant to accept their various grievances. This was seen as a refusal to directly address matters of mounting concern in the health industry.

We can only hope that these matters of concern will get the attention they require after the forthcoming election. However it is difficult to be positive about that.

On the Calendar

The 6th International Design Indaba will be held in Cape Town 26-28 February. It is an event which promotes discussion on various issues in the design industry including technique and management. Design Indaba

The Community Chest Carnival 26 Feb - 1 March is a well known colorful annual Cape event. Lots of family entertainment and many international food stalls. And it's all for a good cause: Most of the income generated is donated to local charities. Community Chest Carnival

The Argus Cycle Tour takes place on 16 March. This popular annual bicycle tour follows a scenic route around the Cape Peninsula and attracts entrants from around the world. From small beginnings in 1978 when 525 cyclists entered, the event now draws 35,000. Read more about the tour here. Cycle Tour

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